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Hello & welcome,


So happy you popped in!


My name is Rinat Tambour & I'm an interior designer.

I have founded Nonna Peppy- Home Décor & Accessories, with the intention of bringing

light & joy into every corner of your home & office.


URBAN or Countryside settings, Small spaces or BIG, it'll make your heart sing !

Nonna Peppy brand offers a wide range of attentively designed useful, high quality,

products :  Bone china tea-ware, Bone china/ Porcelain tableware, Stone-ware tableware, serve & cook ware, 

Melamine tableware,  Special microwave-safe polymer tableware, Kitchen & Table accessories, Woven carpets,                             

Linoleum carpets, ceramic tiles, Wall paper & Textile.


Join us in a colourful celebration of life :                                                                                       

I invite you to live your dreams, walk the talk, be inspired & create an uplifting atmosphere

right where you are with Nonna Peppy happy products !!!  It'll make your heart smile !


My vision:


“For a happy influence upon the spirit” :

I believe that even a small change in your home, using color & texture, creates a huge difference in the way you feel. That is why I came up with a variety of lovely items made especially for you ! Created and designed to brighten up your everyday life, Nonna Peppy products enhance & support a sense of well-being and bring tranquil freshness into any space.

"Bringing your authentic self to the forefront" :

 Nonna Peppy products grant you the possibility of making your own unique fashion statement in your home using endless cheerful combinations. 

It's all about the MIX & MATCH! Give it a try ! Playing with patterns & colours is sheer joy !


"Creating upliftment Indoors & Outdoors" :

As all things of genuine beauty & magic emanate from within & outwards, So does great design naturally flow from the indoors into the outdoors, enriching & expanding our experience. Whether it's a lovely cozy family meal at the dining table or entertaining in your garden, make every moment memorable With Nonna Peppy unique tableware collections.


Who is Nonna Peppy?


“Peppy” was my grandfather’s affectionate nickname for my grandmother. Their pioneering spirit,

the courage to follow their hearts, the humility in which they led their lives,

their ability to appreciate & enjoy the little things and the deep love they shared between them

are a beacon of inspiration guiding me always.


The company is called Nonna Peppy in their honor.



A little about me :


As a young girl I have spent endless hours,  flying on the wings of my imagination,

designing & creating in play. Since then & over the years, I have been dreaming aloud,

in a rich language of shape & color, the essence of a bursting livelihood.

I am constantly amidst a process of original & witty creation, from within a deep connection to nature & humanity as a whole.



My long time dream has matured & ripened into manifestation. My genuine wish to share all this goodness with you & to create an uplifting atmosphere everywhere brought me to the joyous moment of presenting you with “Nonna Peppy” brand.


I wish to thank my father for making it possible to manifest my dream, and my sister for all her help during the initial stages of this venture.


It would be Wondeful if you share with me your own experiences using “Nonna Peppy” happy products, via images or in writing.


Please visit me on my Facebook page. Follow “Nonna Peppy” on Pinterest & Instagram, spread some good cheer all around.  


Wishing you happy days filled with joy,


Rinat , founder & chief designer




Pnina "Peppy" and Aharon Kanner

           My grandparents with my mom. A happy gathering around the dinner table, 1954

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